You + Great Events = Zest

The first thing about us, is that we aren’t much without you. Together, we are both on a mission for great events. Thank you for choosing us as your event partner.

We believe you deserve great events—the kind of events that will make you move, talk, laugh and love.

We are here to power great events. It’s our purpose, our mission, it’s why we exist. Great events have that thing, that magic—the magic that brings people together. Sometimes it’s the atmosphere from a great venue, sometimes it’s the energy from a friendly bartender—or maybe the memories of a great performer. It’s all these little things, that we call ‘Zest’.

Venues that are a notch above

We take great pride in our venue partners. Whether it is a humble dinner party for a handful of special guests—through to stunning ballrooms and hidden bars. Our team is dedicated to offering venues which will elevate your events and will leave you and your guests with moments to remember.

Reliable talent, world-class DJs, magicians, memory catchers...

The list goes on—and on. The incredibly high expectations surrounding reliability and quality is what made Zest what it is today. This formed the foundation, and we set the bar high. We invite you to put us to the test.

Highly trained and skilled people

Professional, tentative, efficient and fun—these are the traits you are looking for. We’ve all been to events where waiters or bar staff have been less than great—let’s put an end to mediocre. Zest lets you handpick the people who will resonate with your next event.

Are you looking for the best local venues and service professionals? Zest has you sorted.

Discover venues and event talents